The time when home computers took over the world

Are you stuck in the 80s, still thinking about your C64, Spectrum, Amiga, or even your TRS-80. You are in the right place. For those of us who reminiscence of a magical era of home computing were memory was measured in Ks, programs loaded on cassette or diskette, 320x200 was good resolution, and 16 colors was plenty to choose from, let's take a trip back in time and re-discover how magical all this was. Learn about the technologies that made a difference and defined the home and personal computer of today. Understand the trends that helped us get here and see how yesterday technology evolved into today. Enjoy power8bit - A retro technology review blog for everyone.

Computers, tech, people and trends from the past few decades that matter today

The 10 Home Computers that changed everything

Commodore, Sinclair Atari. Sounds familiar? Learn about those machines that made the 80's and 90's so magical.  Read more..

The world around the Commodore 64

All those clunky things that you got after you got the Commodore 64. Learn about those clunky peripherals and the software we dreamt about. Read more..

The world around the Amiga 500

The magic continued even after your Amiga honeymoon. Those devices that made the Amiga even more special! Read more..

The world around the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Eternally grateful to Sir Clive Sinclair for creating an affordable machine, and a very loyal crowd of enthusiasts.
Read more..

The world around the Sinclair ZX81

A big player of the home computing revolution in a small package. It brought home computing to many homes at a very affordable price.
Read more..

The CPC-464 may be the coolest looking computer of the '80s

It was not popular in America, but it was a hot item in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, and could have given the C64 some serious competition. 
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The TRS-80 may have been ahead of its time

Radio Shack could have owned the entire computer industry. They had a good line of computers ahead of everyone else.
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The most influential video games in history (coming soon)

Ready. Set. Go. Ready to talk about the most influential video games?

The most influential people in the development of the personal computer (coming soon)

We learned about those home and personal computer we fell in love with. Now let's meet our heroes.

The most important software in the history of the personal computer (coming soon)

Sometimes the app became more important than the computer itself. Let's take a look at those killer apps.

The technologies that got us here (coming soon)

What are the most important technologies in the computer world?

Great technologies that sadly died (coming soon)

Great things that simply died along the way. 

How graphics evolved (coming soon)

From vector, to square looking 8-bit, to the magic of today. The biggest technologies and steps in developing todays graphics.

The magazines of the home computer era (coming soon)

The internet was not always here. How did we get all the information we needed back then?

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